Ensemble bloom takes booking requests and does out reach concerts.
We offer a variety of concerts that attract a wide range of audience, from kindergarten, elementary to high school educational out reach concerts, weddings, performing at hotel and museum exhibits, and any other event.

Performance Varieties

・Educational music appreciation concerts for students from kindergarten, elementary, junior high, and high schools. (Music concerts, Creative arts appreciation concerts, school festivals, choir concerts, graduation ceremonies etc)
・Wedding music (back ground music, improvisation etc)
・Event concerts (company party, lobby concert, booth concert)
・Live support (Percussion, marimba etc)
・Section percussion for orchestras, wind ensembles, brass ensembles etc
・Recording Session
and more...


Clients will be contacting the ensemble directly. The client will be responsible for covering the expenses for the ensemble.
Transportation cost is from Kanto area (Tokyo, Chiba, and Saitama). Cartage fee will be included for transferring instruments(Additional cartage fees, and accommodation fees may be required).
We will arrange numbers, group, time, place, and program according to the clients’ needs and budget. Feel free to contact us for small schools, mini concerts and small buget events. Please present your budget in the e-mail and we can suggest a few different plans. Please consult with us regarding performing space also.


According to the content and the purpose of the event, the ensemble will select music from classical, latin, traditional Japanese music, Folk songs from around the world, Western music, and movie sound tracks. We can also arrange pieces upon request.
We will make our best effort to satisfy your needs and requests, providing time for the audience to play and so on.
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